Clue Nama Gugus

Gugus 1

·         It was a former island of Indonesia. It was located near Philippine, that caused it has a lot of territorial problem, terrorism, and also smuggling. Majority inhabitant was Talaud Tribe. 

Gugus 2

·         It was a former island of Indonesia. It was located in Pacific Ocean and bordered with Palau. It was one of Mapia Archipelago. There are varieties of sea creatures and well-maintained ecosystems, that caused it has a high probability to develop tourism programs. Either nature or culture, and also historical treasure from World War II.

Gugus 3

·         It located in Pacific Ocean and bordered with Palau. It was include on Sorong Regency, West Irian Jaya. The inhabitants generally were nomadic. They came from Reni and Rutum. Common language was Papua’s.

Gugus 4

·         It was located in Labuan Bajo, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Nusa Tenggara Timur(NTT). It was one of former tourism object because of the coral reef with diversity of fishes. Unfortunately, it was owned by Non-Indonesian.  

Guguss 5

·         It was located in Natuna Sea, part of South China Sea and bordered with Malaysia on the west. In the north-east was Jemaja Island.

Gugus 6

·         It was located in Malaka strait. It was famous because of its nature scenery, like white sand beaches, also as a green tortoise mullet. It has no inhabitants and only as a temporary port for sailing fisherman. A Military base was built in it for research and navigation.

Gugus 7

·         It was located in Banda Sea and bordered with Timor Leste. There was a gold mine on it, but when the gold decreased it was abandoned. Then a foreign company found copper, and started a new mine in it.  


Gugus 8

·         It was located in Indies Ocean and bordered with India. It was the most west land of Indonesia. It has unique biological creatures, a typical mini rain forest.  


Gugus 9

·         It was located in Timor Sea and bordered with Timor Leste / Australia. It was part of South-West Maluku administrative region, Maluku province.


Gugus 10

·         It was located in Malaka Starit, and bordered with Malaysia. It was rich of Akar Bakar wood, and contained variety kinds of coral reef. It was named from a past Jambi’s king, Datuk Paduko Berhala.


Gugus  11

·         It was located on a Archipelago. The capital was Benteng city. It was home for Tarsius tarsier.

Gugus 12

·         It was located in North Maluku, between Tidore and Ternate. It was small, but beautiful. Usually, we saw it everyday and placed it on our pocket.  

Gugus 13
·        It was located on Derawan Archipelago, Berau, East Borneo. It was famous because of Manta ray fish and diving spots. 


Gugus 14

·         It was the biggest island on Tanimbar Archipelago. Mother and Father was translation from its name. Fordata language was commonly used on daily activity, but sometimes used for traditional ceremony.

Gugus 15

·         It was a small island in the Center Maluku, Maluku province. The capital has same name with its name. It has 16 ‘Negeri Adat’.

Gugus 16

·         It was located in Bengkulu. It was firstly exist because Cornelius de Houtman wrote its name on his expedition journal with four of his boat. He wrote, “05-06-1596 komt men bij het eerste Indische eiland: ________, ten westen van zuidelijk Sumatra”.

Gugus 17

·         It was located in Halmahera archipelago, full regency in North Maluku. It has a big role on World War II, a base feedback from USA to Japan in Indonesia. From 15th until 17th century, it was under Ternate kingdom. 

Gugus 18

·         It was located in Andaman Sea, on the North-West of Sumatra. The whole island was a sanctuary. Actually it was a part of Sumatra, but separated when a volcano erupted on Pleistocene. It was home for Bufo valhallae.

Gugus 19

·         It was a small Archipelago in Riau Archipelago. It was located in South China Sea, between East Malaysia and Borneo. Since 2009, it became a full administrative region. It has the big liquefied gas reserve in Indonesia and exported to Singapore and Malaysia.

Gugus 20

·         It was located in East Nusa Tenggara. There was Kalabahi city on the island. It was famous because of its diving spot, Baruna’s Dive Sites   

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